Child Focus Uganda (ChiFU) is a Community Based Organisation which was founded in November 2012 by MrsNalunga Florence M in response to many mentally/ physically handicapped children /who are greatly discriminated in the community


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Our main bjective is to intervene particularly in the health and education sector of these mentally/physically handicapped children/ youth whose lives and education has been greatly hindered by the ongoing discrimination

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Join the child focus uganda (CHIFU) To see the needy, intellectually/ physically disabled children and youth acquire education and practical skills and live a self-reliant life.


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Child Focus Uganda (ChiFU) started with three children and now we have 35 children. Although the 15can make up to the centre for training but we have a group of others (20) in a severe state whom we consider under the outreach program. This makes a total of 35 intellectually/physically children and youth! help us to support ..

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Corporate Partners

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Payment of tuition is very hard because parents find it hard to pay school fees because they consider them as misfortunes



We partner with wide range of foundations that share our commitment to giving children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

Individual Philanthropists

what we do at CHIFU

We work with individuals, family foundations, wealth advisors and donor-advised funds to drive CHIFU foundation giving in support of strategies that scale-up solutions to significant social problems.

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